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Possible formats of a business email address

In the previous blog, we went through what an email address is and how it looks.

Now, we will talk about the possible formats of an email address.

The format of an email address depends on the company and can be different from one company to another, although it may follow the same format in some cases.

Check below the possible email formats for a business email address:

For example, if the prospect's name is ‘Sam Happy’, the company name is VeryVeryHappy and the domain(website) is ‘veryveryhappy.com’.

Here, FirstName is ‘Sam’, LastName is ‘Happy’ and domain is ‘veryveryhappy.com’.

The syntax of the email address is name@domain.com. ‘Name’ can be FirstName or LastName or combination of both.

So, the email formats can be,

1. FirstName.LastName@domain.com

2. FirstName_LastName@domain.com

3. FirstName@domain.com

4. LastName@domain.com

5. FirstInitialLastName@domain.com

6. LastInitialFirstName@domain.com

7. FirstInitial.LastName@domain.com

8. LastInitial.FirstName@domain.com

9. FirstInitial_LastName@domain.com

10. LastInitial_FirstName@domain.com

11. LastName.FirstName@domain.com

12. FirstInitialLastInitial@domain.com

And the list continues.

What we need to keep in mind is that we need to know which email format is that company following using google search or you have some tools where you can find the email formats by using the domain or website of that company.

In the next blog, we will learn about how to verify an email address using email verification tools.