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Email Verification Process

In the previous blog, we learned about various possible formats for a business email address.

Now, we will continue with how we know if the email address we have is valid or not.

For this, we have few methods. One is directly sending email to that email address and knowing if it's valid or not, but there is a problem with this approach, i.e., if the email addresses you have are not valid, it increases the bounce rate and decreases the sender credibility, which leads to the email providers marking your emails as spam.

The other method is using a dummy domain that is not related to your company and checking if the email addresses are valid or not. This approach consumes more time and can be exhausting for you to follow.

So, what are the other approaches we have to find out if the email address is valid or not?

Verifying the email addresses using email verification tools that are available on the internet could be the best approach, as it does not involve sending emails to prospects directly and avoids damaging the domain's reputation as well.

Please note that no email verification tool is perfect, as companies are continuously changing their strategies to not expose their employee email addresses to reduce spam emails.

Note: We don’t encourage spamming or sending bulk emails in any way. These blogs are for informational purposes only.

To verify email addresses, you need to follow a process that is mentioned below.

Step 1: Choose an email verification tool( you can check Email Verify on our website).

Step 2: Keep the list of email addresses you want to verify.

Step 3: Verify the email address on the tool. The email address should be the same as on your list.

Step 4: Wait for the result and see if it is valid or not (depending on the tool, this might change).

Step 5a: If the result is valid, verify the same email address once again by slightly changing the name in the email address. (For example, if the actual email address is sam@aaaaaa.com, change it to samwwq@aaaaaa.com and check it again.) Verify the altered email address, and if the result is ‘valid', then the server is set to ‘catchall’ (It means even if you put your name in sam@aaaaaa.com it shows ‘valid’. For this kind of email address, be careful and double-check with the internet resources if available).

Step 5b: If the result is ‘invalid’, try to find other email formats on the internet that the company is using and re-verify them.

Step 6: Repeat the process.

If you are stuck, just read the previous blogs again, and you will get it.

We will try to add more steps and tricks to finding a valid email address in the coming blogs. Stay tuned!!!