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Basics about email address

An email address is a unique identity of a person or a company (sometimes), using which we can send or receive messages through the internet.

You can have a personal email address like name@gmail.com or name@yahoo.com and a business email address like name@company.com.

In the above, you can see that personal or professional email addresses have 2 parts. One is the name of a person or it can also be the name of the department( like support or billing; for example, support@company.com), and the other part, which comes after the "@", is the name of an email provider or a company website.

We use these two kinds of email addresses in 2 different contexts.

One is in the B2B context, where we need to have a valid business email address of a prospect whom we want to reach out to introduce your company's services or products.

Second is the B2C context, where we need the personal email addresses of a person to whom your company sends newsletters, offers, welcome notes, etc. These email addresses are captured using forms and other methods. Mostly, this suits e-commerce or B2C companies

Note: B2B companies also capture email addresses using forms, depending on the nature of their business.

We will be taking this blog forward in the context of B2B companies that don't use forms for capturing email addresses.

So, back to the concept, to find a business email address of a prospect we need two things, one is the name of the prospect and the company domain where he is working currently.

For example, if Sam Sorres is your prospect and he works at a company called AAAAAA, his possible email address could be sam.sorres@aaaaaa.com (note: this is just an example).

In the next blog, we will talk about various possible email formats that can be used by companies to create email addresses for employees of their companies.