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The Edge which gives Verified Email IDs

We have already discussed in the previous blogs the importance of verifying email addresses and also about the free online tools that we can use during the process and how we should use them.

Now we try to understand the benefits that we get by verifying email addresses before sending out any email marketing campaigns.

When you have verified email addresses at your disposal the rate of reaching the prospect's inbox increases which directly increases the deliverability of emails from your email ID and your reputation will also not be affected.

There are chances that if from the verified email addresses, you will get bounces, but most of them would be soft bounces which may occur as the recipient inbox might be full and no longer receiving any emails.

There will be very thin chances of getting your email ID blocked from the email provider and marking your ID as spam. When your email ID is marked spam then whatever email you send and how good the email is written it will land in spam which is of no use as people very rarely check the spam folder. And once it lands in spam it is spam and no one cares about that.

You will get an edge over others as we can see people send emails without verifying their email list.

Usually in B2B communication reaching the prospect's inbox is most important because the prospect can only respond to your email only if he sees it in the inbox and not anywhere else.

Getting a response from a prospect is as easy and as tough as having a proper email ID of that prospect.

Mostly the people who send bulk emails don’t want to verify their email list as they don’t have time for various reasons like the manager wanting to send it ASAP or he might be short on leads or business targets. But they forget that they are indirectly losing trust and credibility in the eyes of email provider due to the kind of email bounces they are receiving and the chances of getting their email ID blocked is very high. It makes them take new domains and new email IDs to reach out to their prospects which will again take a lot of time and effort.

These days email providers are using advanced spam filters to serve their customers better and avoid spam mail hitting their inbox. The email content also plays an important role as the words used in the email template may also trigger a spam filter even though you have a verified email address.

To be safe and secure while launching email campaigns businesses should take care of all these things so that the email campaign, they launch will be successful and bring a huge ROI.

Finally, if you want to launch a successful email campaign you have to lot of things in line among which a verified email address is primary, and having a quality email template is also a negotiable item to be successful and reach the targets and grow the business.